Ever since I became a board-certified plastic surgeon, more than thirty years ago, cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery have been central to my professional career. In the 1980’s, I worked closely with Atlanta Plastic Surgery co-founder Dr. Carl Hartrampf on the revolutionary TRAM flap technique for reconstructive breast surgery. I have also helped to refine some of the most innovative methods for microsurgical breast reconstruction, and have lectured around the world teaching the TRAM/free TRAM methods of breast reconstruction.

Over the years, I became passionately committed to the cause of breast cancer treatment and have gotten involved with a number of organizations that provide support for patients with breast cancer, like the Susan G. Komen® foundation.  Having served on the board of the Northside Hospital Breast Cancer Committee and as part of the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute, I have seen the difference that real patient education can make.  Providing information, guidance, and compassion to women dealing with breast care issues is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to lessen fears and encourage positive outcomes. So I decided to start this blog with my physician assistant Maura Bauman Chey as a way to address, discuss, and inform women about their many breast care options and as a platform to answer questions and provide support to women undergoing reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery.

We hope you find it both valuable and enjoyable.


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