A Free TRAM breast reconstruction procedure is a variation on the traditional TRAM flap technique.  While it uses fat, muscle, and skin taken from the same area of the abdomen, the tissue flap is not moved underneath the skin to its new location. Instead it is disconnected completely from the patient’s body, transplanted to the chest, and then reconnected to the blood vessels in the armpit or chest area using microsurgical techniques. While a traditional “pedicled” TRAM flap often maintains better blood flow to the new breast tissue, a “muscle-sparing” free TRAM flap uses a smaller portion of the rectus muscle, so some women may recover more quickly and have a lower risk of losing abdominal muscle strength.  It is important to remember that each woman’s body is unique, and so the differences in physiology and personal health requirements will ultimately determine which technique is more appropriate for a specific case.

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